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Laboratory Facilities:  

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering has eight major laboratories.

1. Engineering Practices Lab
2. Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab 
3. Electrical Machines Lab
4. Measurements & Instrumentation Lab
5. Control Systems Lab
6. Power Electronics Lab
7. Power System Simulation Lab
8. Power Electronics & Drives Lab

Engineering Practices Lab:

To provide exposure to the students with hands on experience on basic practices in Electrical Engineering. This lab caters to the needs of first year B.E/B.Tech students of all branches.

Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab:

To acquaint the students with theory, construction, and characteristics of the electronic devices and circuits.Major equipment in this lab are:

◊ Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 
◊ Thermistor Kits
◊ JFET, Resonance Measurement Kits
◊ DCB, DRB, Multimeters etc.
◊ Half Wave Rectifier and Full Wave Rectifier kits

Power Electronics Lab:

To study the characteristics of switching devices and their applications in rectifier, inverter, chopper and resonant converter. This lab is equipped with Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Converters, Firing Modules, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes, RLC meters and Power supply units. This lab is also used for research and development work.

Major Equipment in this lab are:

◊  Half Wave Rectifier and Full Wave Rectifier Modules
◊  Resonant DC-DC Converters Modules
◊  Series and Parallel Inverter
◊  IGBT based Chopper Modules, Voltage Commutation Choppers
◊  Single Phase and Three Phase PWM Inverter Modules
◊  Single Phase Cyclo Converters

Electrical Machines Lab:

To enable the students to the operation of D.C. Machines, Transformers, Synchronous Machines and Induction Motors and give them experimental skill.
Major Equipment in this lab are:

◊ DC Shunt Generator
◊ DC Series Generator
◊ DC Compound Generator
◊ DC Shunt Motor
◊ DC Series Motor
◊ DC Compound Motor
◊ Single Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
◊ Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
◊ Slip Ring Induction Motor
◊ Alternator
◊ Synchronous Motor
◊ Single Phase Transformers
◊ Three Phase Transformers

Measurement and Instrumentation Lab:

This lab is to fortify the students with adequate work experience in the measurement of displacement, resistance, inductance, torque, angle etc., and to give exposure to AC, DC bridges and transient measurement.
Major Equipment in this lab are:

◊  Wheatstone Bridge
◊  Anderson Bridge
◊  Kelvin's Double Bridge 
◊  Scherings Bridge
◊  Cathode Ray Oscilloscope 
◊  Digital Storage Oscilloscope
◊  Regulated Power Supply
◊  Strain Gauge Kits
◊  Pressure Gauge Kits
◊  LVTD Kits
◊  Watt Meters
◊  Energy Meters etc.

Control Systems Lab:

This lab is equipped with AC and DC Servomotors, Synchro Transmitter and Receiver, Stepper Motor, PID Controllers and Compensator Module to support experiments in control system area. Sophisticated temperature control module is also available. This lab is also used for research and development work.Major Equipment in this lab are:

◊  AC Servo Motors
◊  Synchros
◊  DC and AC Position Control Kits
◊  Stepper Motors
◊  DC Servo Motors
◊  DC Shunt  Motors
◊  DC Shunt Motor Coupled with DC Shunt Generator
◊  PID Controller
◊  Cascade  Temperature Controller
◊  Lead -Lag Compensator

Power System Simulation Lab:

To acquire software development skills and experience in the usage of standard packages necessary for analysis and simulation of power system required for its planning, operation and control. This lab has 36 terminals and is equipped with AU Power Lab Software Package and MATLAB.  It supports the students and faculty members to develop and validate any software package required for student projects and for research and development work.

Power Electronics and Drives Lab:
This lab caters to the needs of P.G Power Electronics and Drives students. It is also used for research and development work.Major Equipment  in this lab are:

◊  Switched Reluctance Motor
◊  Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
◊  Brushless DC Motor
◊  Stepper Motor
◊  Induction Motor
◊  Permanent Magnet DC Motor
◊  DSPIC -Kits
◊  DSP - TMS320LF24O7- Kits
◊  Xilinx - Spartan 3A DSP Kit 
◊  Computers - P4 - 1 GB Ram
◊  3 phase Autotransformer
◊  Intelligent Power Modules
◊  Isolation Transformer
◊  Power Supply Units


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