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Laboratory facilities

The department of mechanical engineering is equipped with both U.G. and P.G. laboratories as per the affiliation requirements of Anna University Chennai. All the laboratories are periodically inspected by the Anna University Chennai as part of their affiliation procedure to ensure that the institute provides adequate equipments to conduct experiments as prescribed in the syllabus of the programmes offered.

In addition to the equipments prescribed by the Anna University Chennai, there are also other equipments available in the laboratories to conduct experiments beyond the syllabus to acquire additional related knowledge  and to promote Research and Development (R&D).

Laboratories include

1. Engineering Practices lab - Mechanical
2. Thermal lab I
3. Thermal lab II
4. Manufacturing technology lab
5. Fluid mechanics lab
6. CAD/ CAM lab
7. Metrology and measurements lab
8. Metallurgy lab
9. Mechatronics lab
10. Dynamics lab
11. Other shared labs - Strength of materials, Microprocessors, Computer programming, Electrical Machines, Communication lab etc.

Manufacturing Technology Laboratory 

This workshop has about 28 lathes including 5 heavy duty lathes, 1 universal milling machine, 1 master model universal milling machine, gang milling machine, heavy duty shaping machine, slotting machine, planning machine, various types of drilling, grinding and cutting machines.

Heat & Mass transfer laboratory 
This lab is equipped with instruments and devices to study all three modes of heat transfer, viz., conduction, convection and radiation. Lagged pipe, composite layer of insulators, natural convection apparatus, forced convection apparatus, pin-fin apparatus, double pipe heat exchanger, radiation cooling tower, stefen boltzman apparatus are all available for the demonstration of heat transfer concepts.

Thermal Engineering laboratory

This laboratory has fuel oil testing and lubrication oil testing instruments. The lab contain different HVAC testing equipments like 1TR Refrigeration system, Air conditioning system and LPG based refrigeration system. Other testing instruments like wind tunnel and a two-stage reciprocating air compressor, Air blower are all available.

IC Engines laboratory 
This laboratory has different types of engines like four-stroke petrol, four-stroke diesel engine and two-stroke petrol engine. Various loading arrangements using mechanical, electrical and hydraulic means are used in the engines. Some special testing devices for performing Morse test, retardation test are available. Data Acquisition system that integrates the engine with computer for monitoring and controlling the engine performance is available.

Fluid Mechanics & machinery laboratory 

This lab has various pumps like centrifugal pump, centrifugal jet pump, multistage centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, submersible pump, gear pump, vane pump, Francis turbine, pelton wheel turbine, Rota meter, water meter, friction meter, venturi meter, orifice meter, Bernoulli's equipment apparatus, flow nozzle, etc.

CAD/CAM laboratory

This laboratory has workstations (computers) and CAD/CAM softwares to train the students. The softwares includes AutoCAD, CATIA, ANSYS, EDGE CAM. CNC Trainer Lathe and Trainer Milling Machine also available to train the students.

Metrology and Mesurements laboratory 

This lab is equipped with different precision measuring instruments such as slip gauges, Bevel protractor, profile projectors, Mechanical , electrical, and optical comparators, gear tooth vernier etc.

Dynamics laboratory
This lab contains experiments in governors, Cams, Gyroscopes, balancing of reciprocating and rotating masses, vibrating systems transmissibility ratio, transverse and torsional vibrations, natural frequencies.

Mechatronics laboratory 

This lab is equipped  with Basic level Electro Pneumatic trainer kit, Basic electro pneumatic with PLC, Digital PID Controller, Mcs family micro controller trainer. Latest version of simulator software like hydrolic Sim and Pneumatic Sim are available in the lab. 

Seminar hall / Smart room

The department shares a common A/C Seminar Hall with a dedicated PC and LCD projector to conduct special guest lectures and seminars given by field experts. The sharing of resource is done to fully utilize the available resource available. It also shares a common smart classroom with A/C, PC with internet connectivity, LCD projector to conduct courses for a small audience as good as 70 in number. The state of the art teaching and the current happenings could be browsed online during the lecture sessions. Smart classrooms provide a dynamic learning environment for both the teacher and the student.

Class Rooms

The class rooms are well constructed to provide both natural and artificial lighting and ventilation. Every class room is designed for a strength of 70 students, with a raised dias for the board and the teacher for better visibility. Teaching aids like chalk and board, OHP, LCD, physical models, charts can be used in class rooms.

Department library

The department is equipped with mechanical engineering books to help only students of mechanical engineering to lend some technical books in addition to that could be lent from the Central Library, which is common for students of all programmes. The library has few hundreds of text books, collection of previous project reports of passed out students, magazines and journals, and CDs.


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