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Dr. C. L. Metha Central Library

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  • Welcome to the Dr. C. L. Metha Central Library which is one of the Central support services of Misrimal Navajee Munoth Jain Engineering College, Chennai. The library was established in the year 1994 and it can be regarded as one of the best Scientific and Technical Libraries in the State.
  • The primary mission of the library is to support the Educational and Research programs of the Institute by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent with the present and the anticipated Educational and Research functions of the Institute. In accordance with the objectives of the Institute, the library aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for the faculty and the Research community of the Institute. The secondary mission is to serve as a resource center for the scholars and scientific community of the country. The collection of the library which includes books, journals, reports, standards, patents is regarded as one of the richest collections in the country in the field of Science & Technology.
  • The mission of the library is to provide information services and access to bibliographic and full text digital and printed resources to support the scholarly and informational needs of the Institute's community. The Central Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROMs, Online databases, Multimedia, Books, journals, technical magazines, light reading materials, theses, reports, etc.
  • The Central Library is housed in the main building of the campus and it caters to the information needs of the user community. In addition, each and every department has its own library for quick reference. It has 59224 volumes of textbooks and reference books covering all disciplines of Science, Engineering, Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities. The library has separate collection of books under Book Bank scheme. The Central Library subscribes to Elsevier’s Engineering + Computer Science E-Journals package which contains 275 International Journals through online and 68 National and International Journals in print. All the activities of the library were automated using library software with Web-OPAC facility. The library has NPTEL facilities which contain 1006 Video Courses (41500+ Lectures) and 433 Web Courses (16430+ Lectures) by Eminent Professors from reputed Higher Educational Institutions across the Country. The library has access to National Digital Library’s resources. The College also has NPTEL Local Chapter. The working hours of the library are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on all working days of the Institution. The Library has Institutional Membership with the following Institutions:
  • DELNET (Developing Library Network)
  • Anna University (Industrial Associate Scheme: Centre for University Industry Collaboration)
  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
  • National Digital Library(NDL)
  • Institution of Engineers (India)
  • Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE)
  • Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
  • Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)
  • Madras Management Association (MMA)
  • British Council Library,Chennai (BCL)
  • Computer Society of India (CSI)

All the students, faculty members, Technical and Non- Technical Staff members of the Institute can register themselves for the membership of the library. The users will be provided with a bar-coded membership card and he/she can make use of it for using the library facilities.

The following tables furnished with number of books can be borrowed by each category of members and the Borrowing Period details:

Member Category Permitted number of books Borrowing Period
Faculty 8 90 Days
Technical & Non Technical Staff 2 14 Days
PG Students 7 14 Days
UG Students 4 14 Days

All the activities of the library are automated using Dolphin Lips Software (Version 5.0.100) and its holdings can be viewed at the terminals available for OPAC facility as well as through web-OPAC facility. The database of books available in the library was updated frequently with the details of latest arrivals.

All the systems in the library are connected with Intranet/Internet facilities. Students can browse the e-resources, Technical CD-RoM's, Project Reports, Question Bank etc through these facilities.

Our members can refer the holdings/borrow books from the Anna University Library and British Council Library. The students and staff members can refer the resources at Structural Engineering Research Centre Library.

The Collection of the central library in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering, Humanities, Management, Genralia, etc. is strong. The collection comprises books, theses, current journals, back volumes, standards, CDROMs, etc. The Collection is heavily used by the faculty and students. The following table gives the distribution of the collection.

S.No. Department Titles Volumes
Under Graduates Programmes
1. Civil Engineering 1249 4999
2. Mechanical Engineering 1641 7916
3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering 1375 6342
4. Electronics & Communication Engineering 2350 12337
5. Computer Science & Engineering 2190 10687
6. Information Technology 1218 5660
Post Graduate Programmes
7. Business Administration 2198 6686
8. Structural Engineering 181 509
9. Engineering Design 414 1316
10. Applied Electronics 364 1431
11. Computer Science & Engineering 331 1341
Book Bank Facilities
12. Dr. C. L. Metha Book Bank 1607
13. Shri Sumathi Vishal Jain Book Bank 3298
14. Government SC/ST Book Bank 754
Other Resources
15. Project Reports 2070 2070
16. Back Volumes 1433 1433
Grand Total 68386

Dr. V. Viswanathan

B.Sc.,M.A, M.L.I.Sc., H.D.C.A.,Ph.D. | Librarian

Mrs. M. Aruna

M.A., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil | Assistant Librarian

Mr. T. Baskaran

B.A., |
Computer Operator

Mrs. G. Gunasundari

H.S.C., |

Mrs. S. Rajalakshmi

H.S.C., | Attender

Mr. C. Chezhiyan

H.S.C., | Xerox Operator