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Engineering is also a form of applied science with Physics as an important part. The department of Physics is one of the oldest and established departments at MNMJEC since its inception in 1994. The department has contributed towards MNMJEC's cause and growth by imparting quality education in novel frontiers of basic and applied science. Currently the department is functioning with five teaching faculty. In the Department all faculties are doing doctorates in Physics. The research interests of the faculty are in the fields of Material science, Crystal growth, Crystallography, Environmental science.

The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated apparatus and instruments with the accommodation of 60 students at a time. The total area of Physics laboratory is 468 Sq. m. Facilities are available to train the students in all experiments prescribed by Anna University.

  • Torsion pendulum set up
  • Youngs Modulus – Non-Uniform bending set up
  • Diode laser (2 mW power) or He-Ne laser (2mW) (Lycopodium powder, Optical fibre Kit and, glass plate.)
  • Lees' disc Experimental set up
  • Ultrasonic interferometer Experimental set up
  • Spectrometer, Mercury Vapour lamp, grating
  • Band gap experimental set up
  • Air-wedge experimental set up.

The Department maintains a library consisting of a limited number of very important books useful for the students. The department library is stocked with around 123 books which includes Atomic Physics, Physics of Engineers, Advanced Physics, Physics and semiconductor devices, Boundary layer theory etc.,. Additionally, the department library also stocks laboratory manuals.



M.Phil,(Ph.D) |
Assistant Professor

Mr.N.Muthurathinam, M.Phil., M.Tech.(Ph.D) |
Assistant Professor

MR. K. MOHANRAJ, M.Phil., M.Tech.(Ph.D) |
Assistant Professor

R.Bakyalakshmi - Lab attender