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The Department of Management Studies of MNM Jain Engineering College is a offering MBA programme affiliated to anna university since 2005. The Department has produced more than 500 capable, competent and committed professionals. Apart from the regular curriculum, the extra curricular and co-curricular activities make the young managers as full fledged managers. The department produces good academic results and consistently produces university ranks.

The department has constant interaction with the industry in the form of Guest Lectures, Industrial Visits, etc. The department has various clubs like Readers Club, Marketing Club,Finance Club, HR Club and Entrepreneurship Club.

The Department has created good number of entrepreneurs who provide employment opportunites to others. The placement record of the department is really commendable. State of art infrastructure available in the department makes it a wonderful place to pursue the MBA degree programme.

To produce high quality managers and entrepreneurs who are creative ethical with humility to contribute continuously to the development of the society

  • To create knowledge hub of managers with everlasting urge to learn by developing, maintaining and continuously improving the resources.
  • To educate the future managers with knowledge, skill and abilities necessary to adapt to continuously change the business environment.
  • To develop effective entrepreneurs, innovative corporate leaders, and manager for facilitating and enhancing the global competitiveness of organizations through excellence in education, training and consultancy.
  • To produce ethical managers by instilling the values of humility, humanness, honesty and courage to serve the society.

State of the art infrastructure, A/C Lab, A/C Seminar Hall, Well Stocked Library, Well furnished class rooms, etc.

A/C Lab with 30 terminals with internet connectivity

MBA programme curriculum is designed to prepare the post graduate students

  • To have a thorough understanding of the core aspects of the business. Our graduates will have the capability to meet the global business challenges.
  • To provide the learners with the management tools to identify, analyze and create business opportunities as well as solve business problems.
  • To prepare them to have a holistic approach towards management functions like Marketing, HR and Finance.
  • To motivate them for continuous learning as the business environment is very dynamic.
  • To inspire and make them practice ethical standards in business.
  • Merit Scholarship : Students are provided with SC/ST, BC, MBC scholarship every year.
  • Academic Excellence : 1.Produced 16 University ranks || 2.Consistently good academic results above 90% for the past 3 years
  • Internship:Each Student takes up summer (One month) and main project research (4 months) during the MBA course.

Apply the acquired business management knowledge to manage the business in an innovative way.

Able to manage businesses by using the ever-changing technological tools.


  • Best Teaching faculty Award from MNM Jain Engineering College for 4 consecutive years for the Department of Management Studies.
  • Associate Editor in an International Conference on Theoretical Perspectives and Management Policies.
  • Ph.D Guideship from Bharathiar University
  • Ph.D awarded for 2 scholars under guidance.


  • NPTEL videos on Management Studies are available in the Library and circulated to all faculties and students


BBA.,MBA.,MCS.,M.Phil.,Ph.D,. | HOD


B.E.,M.Tech,MBA,(Ph.D.)| Associate Professor


B.E., MBA .| Assistant Professor


B.Tech., MBA


M.A., M.Phil.


B.Com., MBA


B.E., MBA |
Asst. Professor



Guest Name : Mr. Hariprasad Parthasarathy
Designation : Head – Analytics and Digital Marketing
Date : 20.12.2022
Program : Association Inauguration

Guest Lecture

In the association inauguration- office bearers were appointed for the academic year 2022-2023 which comprises of the Student President, Secretary, Treasurer and other Executive Members. The main objective is to provide opportunities for enhancement of managerial skills and to train the students to organize various academic and non-academic activities of the college.
OFFICE BEARERS (2022-2023):
OTHER EXECUTIVE MEMBERS The speaker highlighted the importance of the social media platforms and the effective usage of those platforms in our career. He stated various social media platforms like facebook and instagram which converted into metaverse due to its constant growing and as well as for data analysis. He also stated other apps like Pinterest, Instagram, Playstore/Appstore, Twitter/Facebook, Reddit etc where the brands uses them effectively. He also gave the concept of AIDA which says about - Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action which is perhaps the best known marketing model amongst all the classic marketing models. He encouraged the students to learn the technical issues of the apps for gaining knowledge. Overall his session was very informative and interactive where students gained several inputs.


Topic : “ Challenges of HR in 21st century” Guest Name : Mr. Anil Kumar. M Designation : Talent Manager – NUMERIC INDIA - A Group Brand Legrand Date : 14.10.2022

Guest Lecture

It was very informative and interactive session. The aim of the guest lecture is to create awareness on how to face the challenges and problems in HR field. He began the lecture by stating Behavioural Event Interpretation and on diversity in workforce. In HR strategy, diversity give companies an opportunity to start identifying new trends. Also, he highlighted the point on having good HR skills and should be a good communicator, leadership etc., He ended his session by stating the quote “The only wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”-Socrates After delivering his lecture he encouraged students to clear their doubts and he insisted on how to overcome their challenges. Some of the main points were listening, Attitude and keep updating the skills in whatever position we occupy.



MBA Department has organized an Industrial Visit to “THE AAVIN DAIRY PRODUCTS” Sholinganallur on 13/04/2023. The visit consisted of 26 students along with two faculty members. Industrial Visit provides students with an opportunity to have real time experience by visiting industries for practical learning. During the visit, students were accompanied by production in charge who took students and explain about the whole production process. First step is receiving the raw milk from 25 district societies throughout Tamil Nadu. There were 8 tankers each of capacity 1 lakh litre. It has been despatched from the insulated tank from (van) through 4 stages of filtration and sent to tank. The test was carried out in the lab based on the fat content and SNF - Aavin manufactures 5 varieties such as Aavin Nice (3.0 % Fat & 8.5% SNF), Aavin Green Magic (4.5 % Fat & 8.5% SNF), Aavin Premium (6 % Fat & 9% SNF), Aavin Diet (1.5 % Fat & 9 % SNF) and Aavin commercial milk. Pasteurization method was implemented by boiling milk in the Celsius of 70ﹾC to 78ﹾC and the milk was cool down by 4ﹾCelsius to kill harmful bacteria, then it will be sent to packing section. Totally 5,50,000 litres of milk is produced daily and 60 packets were produced for every 1 minute. Most of the operations are automated only and the wastages are reprocessed. The milk packets are printed with next day date and stored about 7ﹾC to 8ﹾC and then distributed on the same day evening from the factory after doing MBR test (For checking Validity) to market place for sale. Aavin delight was one more new product about to come with the validity of 90 days, but once opened it should be consumed. It was highly interactive and great learning experience for the students on the concepts related to raw milk collection, Testing, Dairy ProductsDairy Processing, Packing within the production unit. This enabled the students to have a better understanding about Industry.



Department of Management Studies organized an Industrial Visit to “Parle- G Biscuit production unit at Modern Bakers (Madras) Pvt Ltd for I MBA students on 07.03.2023. The visit consisted of 27 students along with 2 faculty members. Industrial Visit are an integral part of management education and it is this experience that helps students to gain first hand information regarding the functioning of various industries. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction and practices. It gives exposure from an academic point of view.
During the visit, students were accompanied by Production in-charge who took students throughout the production unit and explained them about the raw materials, quality analysis, recipe preparation, molding and packing conditions of Parle-G biscuits. In packing section, wrapping of biscuits is only done; the printing of wrapper has separate section. The students also learned about 5 process of manufacturing. They are Mixing, Moulding, Baking, Cooling and Packing. It was highly interactive and a great learning experience for the students on the concepts related to Production and Operations within a manufacturing plant. It was informative, interesting and a successful visit.



MBA department has organized an Industrial visit to “Integral Coach Factory (ICF)” Perambur on 15.03.2024. The visit consisted of 30 students along with two faculty members. Industrial visit is a part of the college curriculum and holds a special place in the professional career of students. It helps students to get insight into real-world problems. Students can understand the internal working of an organization through an industrial visit.
During the visit, students were accompanied by Senior Technical Executive Officer (Mr. Balaguravaiah) who interacted with students to gain knowledge and explore the industrial techniques. There are 300+ types of train coaches manufactured and assembled in their premises. Their latest train model is ‘Vande Bharat’ – 200 km/hr and another new model of ‘Vande Bharat - 250 km/hr speed’ is under process. They are manufacturing 6 coaches per day.
The Shell division comprises of production and assembling of Bogie (bottom), Side Wall and Roof of the train coaches. The Furnishing division comprises of seat fixing, insulation, PVC pasting and etc. Once the train is fully assembled they are conducting rain check to find leakages, if any. They are using high-tech machines including Static bogie testing machine, 5CNC axis bogie frame machine, 3CNC axis, Milling machine, Bolster welding manipulator (Robotic machine for welding), Zigger fixer, CNC plasma cutting machine, Stiffener, Resistance welding, Carline welding and so on.
workers are working in the factory; among them 5,000+ are contract workers. Overall it was an informative, interesting and a successful visit.

The Department of Management Studies, MNM Jain Engineering College has been conducting various Co-curricular activities with an objective of motivating and guiding the Young Graduates. ZEST 2024 – A State Level Inter Collegiate Management Meet serves as a launching pad for Young minds and it promotes competitive spirit amidst the student community.


The Department of Management Studies, MNM Jain Engineering College has been conducting various Co-curricular activities with an objective of motivating and guiding the Young Graduates. ZEST 2020 – A State Level Inter Collegiate Management Meet serves as a launching pad for Young minds and it promotes competitive spirit amidst the student community.



Club Name Activities Conducted
Finance Club Finance Quiz, Rapid Fire, IPL Auction
Readers Club Think or Blink
Talent Club Quiz Competition
ED Club E-buzz, Entrepreneur Quiz
Marketing Club The Quest, Tagline, Logo, Hunch, Brand and Brand Ambassador
HR Club Quiz, Team Building

Activity - I
The "Finance club" coordinators has conducted a 'Finance Quiz' on 20/03/2023. It consists of two rounds, First round - " PRELIMINARY ROUND" conducted through Google Forms. All the five teams participated ( Marketing club, Reader club, HR club, ED club, Talent club) and only three teams were ( Marketing club, Readers club, ED club) qualified for second round - " Rapid Fire". Each team were asked with separate set of questions based on the scores from second round. Finally the "Marketing Club” was selected as the winning team.
  Winner : Mr.P.Tharun, Mr.S.Yuvaraj, Mr.J.Sakthivel, Mr.R.Vishal
Staff Coordinator: Ms.C.Deepika
Student Coordinator: Mr.R.Keerthana

Activity - II
The "Finance club" coordinators has conducted an "IPL Auction" on 20/03/2023. It consists of 2 rounds. First round - Preliminary round was conducted through Google form. All teams from Marketing club, Reader’s club, HR club, ED club, Talent club participated and 3 teams (Marketing club as Royal Challengers Bangalore, Readers club as Chennai Super Kings, ED club as Mumbai Indians) were qualified for the second round. Finally ED club were selected as the winning team on the basis of certain criteria. Trophy was given to the winning team. Overall this event was cheerful.
Winner : Ms.Archana D Vora, Ms Lakshi R Jain, Ms.Ramya G
Staff Coordinator: Ms.C.Deepika
Student Coordinator: Mr.R.Keerthana

The 'Readers Club' coordinators has conducted "Think or Blink" on 12/04/2023. It consists of 2 rounds. First round was conducted through Google form. ED club, Marketing club and Talent club won and gone for second round. In the final round, 2 members from each team were participated. This game was inspired from a Tamil based TV game show known as "Oru Varthai Oru Latcham". At end of the game Marketing club and ED club won the game, it was a tie. Overall the club activity was interesting and knowledgeable.
Winner : Mr.P.Tharun, Mr.S.Yuvaraj, ,Mr.J.Sakthivel, Mr.R.Vishal – Marketing Club Ms R Rajalakshmi, Mr S.A.Muhamed Irffaan, Mr S.Jayanthan, Mr.N.Chirag Jain – Readers Club
Staff Coordinator: Ms M Manjula Devi
Student Coordinator: Yuvaraj S

The "Talent club" coordinators has conducted "Quiz competition" on 17/04/2023 based on General knowledge, Tamilnadu Quiz and Aptitude Quiz. It consists of three rounds through Google form, Questionnaire and Raise up Questions. All the rounds were conducted individually. For first round, 14 students were participated and 8 of them were selected for round 2, 5 students were selected for final round. There is a tie up in final round and the winners are given below. Overall the club activity was interesting and knowledgeable.
Winner : Ms. Archana D Vora
Runners : Ms Lakshi Jain R & Mr Tharun P.
Staff Coordinator: Dr P. Abirami
Student Coordinator: Ms.Sandya Rathna Priya R

The " Entrepreneurship Development club" has conducted " E-buzz" on 28/03/2023. It consists of 2 rounds. First round was conducted through " Google forms". All the students participated and only 10 students were selected for the II round. Participants were divided into 5 teams ( SWIGGY, TATA, ROLEX, NYKAA, INTEL) & each team consists of 2 members. The final round was Entrepreneur quiz round where the participants should submit the answer within given time. In final round, there was a tie between TATA and INTEL. Then 'Rapid fire round' was conducted and INTEL won the competition. Overall this event conducted was cheerful and knowledgeable.
Winner : Ms.R.Sandya Rathna Priya, Ms.L.K.Bhavashri
Staff Coordinator: Dr P Abirami
Student Coordinator: Ms.Archana D Vora

Activity - I The Marketing club coordinators has conducted the event called "The Quest " ( Marketing quiz) on 20/03/2023. Three rounds were conducted. First round consists of MCQ questions, Next round is Taglines and the final round is Logo, where all the members were participated. Questions for each round were displayed in the screen and the participants were asked to answer. The winner of the event was Readers Club.

Activity - II The Marketing club coordinators has conducted the event "HUNCH" on 19/04/2023. The concept of the event is Product Connection were all the team members participated and qualified for the second round known as "Brand and Brand Ambassador". The winner of the event is Readers club.
Winner : Ms.R.Rajalakshmi, Mr.S.A.Muhamed Irffaan, Mr.S.Jayanthan, Mr.N.Chirag Jain
Staff Coordinator: Mr A Prabu Asirvatham
Student Coordinator: Mr Tharun P

Activity - I
The "HR club" activities started with an Inauguration function on 20/03/2023 where they distributed badges to the members of the team. Followed by Quiz game which consists of 4 rounds - the first round was 'Pen Paper' round. All the team members were participated and the II round is 'Critical Thinking' where the participants have to answer to the questions displayed on the screen, III round was 'Riddle' where all the students participated and the final round was 'Find out the personality', all the team members participated.
Winner : Ms.Archana D Vora, Ms Lakshi R Jain, Ms.Ramya G, Mr.Subash Chandran A
Staff Coordinator: Ms R Nandhini
Student Coordinator: Ms Pavithra M N

Activity - II
The HR club coordinators has conducted "Team Building Activities" on 19/04/2023. The concept of the activity was team coordination and team work. The event has 2 rounds. The first round "Guess the word" and second round was "2 Truth and a lie" where all the team members participated. Overall the event conducted was cheerful and knowledgeable.
Winner: Mr.P.Tharun, Mr.S.Yuvaraj, ,Mr.J.Sakthivel, Mr.R.Vishal
Staff Coordinator: Ms R Nandhini
Student Coordinator: Ms Pavithra M N


The Department of Management Studies conducted Association Inauguration on 11 th October 2023, in A/C Seminar Hall. It started with the Prayer song and Welcome address was given by our beloved HOD Dr.P.Abirami. Our beloved Principal Dr.C.Chandrasekar Christopher delivered the keynote address. He enlightened the minds of the young hearts by delivering the speech based on the importance of planning the activities and skill sets which plays a vital role to achieve in one’s career. The office bearers of the association was distributed badges and Newsletter was released by the Guest. Annual report was read by our Student President - Lakshi Jain.

The Guest of Honour Mr. Sathisraj started his speech by expressing his appreciation for inviting him to be a part of the event. The Guest delivered a speech focusing on the importance of innovation. He explained how everyone is special with an example of law of gravity where it works for everybody in a same way and most significant factors for individual are self-esteem, self-respect, communication and finance. He also stressed that planning was the first step for success. In his speech he mainly focused on “Success journal” which contains 4 chapters for their own success. First chapter- Writing one’s dreams in a paper and believe in their dreams, that will be true on one day; Second chapter- Gratitude, to be thankful for what we are and living, not to take things for granted, he asked to stop complaining and criticizing; Third chapter- Give useful and good information to brain, start spending 10 minutes daily for reading books, CEO talk, Ted talks etc. (asked to write down the points that we liked in each ); Fourth chapter- It is each individual person and mindset of how we handle the problem. (Identifying the problem means 80% solution)

He discussed about 6 pillars of life emphasizing on mental health, physical health, family, finance, social responsibility and God. The guest shared some useful examples and stories including the speeches of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. He also discussed about the significance of stock market in future and its contribution towards the country. He explained about wonder drug and RAA (Read Ask Action). Last he told that “implementation is a key for success”. Followed by Q&A session, Overall the session was motivating and enthusiastic. Ms. Keerthiga , Student coordinator of II MBA delivered vote of thanks and then ended with National Anthem.