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The department of Mechanical Engineering was started in the year 1994 by the TAMIL NADU EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL TRUST, a Jain Minority Trust with the primary objective of providing higher education to the deserving Jain students. However, students were also admitted without regard to their caste, creed or religion, with their rights of conscience being respected.

The institution is affiliated to the Anna University Chennai, and all programmes are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (A.I.C.T.E.), New Delhi. The under graduate programmes were accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (N.B.A.).

The department of Mechanical Engineering offers , one Undergraduate (U.G.) in B.E. Mechanical Engineering.

The department has qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members with specializations in various fields of Mechanical Engineering both in academic and industrial backgrounds. The department has all the laboratories as per the recommendations of Anna University Chennai.

The department of mechanical engineering thrives hard in providing the state of the art technology for the students in both theory and practice.

Focus is mainly on academics and hence the department has produced an handful of University Rank holders. The department also focuses on co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities and hence arranges for industrial visits for students to expose them to the current Industrial Practices. Seminars, Guest Lectures, Workshops and Symposiums are conducted every semester by the department to update students with the latest upcoming technological developments. Motivational programmes and personality development programmes are also conducted to build in a strong leadership and active team member personality traits. Students' technical symposium conducted every academic year is deemed as a "technical festival" in the department of mechanical engineering.

The department is vibrant and keeps organizing various technical events and workshops around the year for the consistent development of Faculty and Students. Our students are encouraged to actively participate in professional society activities (SAE) in which real time all Terrain vehicles are fabricated through events like BAJA, EBAJA,SUPRA,E BIKES and GOKART.

The department monitors student's attendance and their test performance to improve their performance through counsellors such as class advisors and proctors who help students to keep them on academic tracks.

Training and placement programmes are conducted to increase job opportunities in the on-campus interviews conducted in the pre-final and final years. Many students get placed in the leading core companies/ industries during the final year of their programmes. The department also encourages students to persue higher studies both in India and abroad and also provides guidance to become young entrepreneurs to support and develop the nation.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers One program,

  • Undergraduate (UG) in B.E. Mechanical Engineering,

In addition to that the department also organizes and conducts value added short term courses on CAD/ CAM areas conducted by the faculty of the department and by resource persons form leading organizations to improve job seeking capacity for the students.

To transform the students to become a competent Mechanical Engineer by inculcating the contemporary skills set for the industrial and research development, considering societal needs towards the betterment of mankind with professional ethics

  • To provide a platform for strong fundamental knowledge by adopting the state-of-the –art technology to compete globally.
  • To enhance the industrial collaboration activities by keeping in pace with the technology.
  • To develop the required quality for contributing towards the upliftment of mankind through ethical values.
  • Our graduates will have the ability to excel in the fields of manufacturing, design, thermal and interdisciplinary domains.
  • Our graduates will have the capability to update the cutting edge technologies to meet the global challenges.
  • Our graduates will have the capability to innovate, design and develop products.
  • Our graduates will have the potential to pursue higher studies in the field of mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary courses.
  • Our graduates will have the ability to apply the gained knowledge to enhance the socio economic status of the society ensuring ethical values.

1.Apply the acquired core mechanical engineering knowledge to design and manufacture products relevant / needed to society in an innovative way.

2.Able to practice eco-friendly mechanical systems by utilizing renewable energy.

Faculties at our institution strive to disseminate knowledge in students through eminent and fundamental practices. The department is accredited by the National board of accreditation and is backed by professionally experienced and highly qualified faculty and supporting staff.

Established in the year 1994, the department of mechanical engineering has excelled in its infrastructural facilities keeping pace with the latest development in technologies. A well established department library has a rich collection of technical books ranging from basics to higher level reference materials. Besides, the department library also has video technical CDs.techical magazine and journals related to mechanical engineering.

S.L. NO Types of Facility Seating capacity No of hall/Laboratories Area/room (Sq.m)
1. Lecture Halls 72 15 400
2. laboratories 35 15 400
3. Drawing hall 300 2 1200
4. Conference hall 300 1 1000
5. Audio visual Hall 75 1 400
6. Staff cabins 28 3 25
7. Staff room 28 3 400
8. Department Library 50 1 400
9. HOD office 1 1 500
10. HOD room 1 1 100
S.L. NO Description Total No.Of Books Area (Sq.m) No.of Journals No.of E.Journals
1. Mechanical books 300 200 100 3
S.L. NO Name of the Laboratory Area of the labs (Sq.m) Total cost in Rs.
1. Mechatronics Lab 480 31,00,00
2. Dynamics Lab 480 10,00,000
3. CAD Lab 480 50,000,00
4. Thermal Engineering Lab 480 28,00,000
5. Metrology Lab 480 16,00,000
6. Manufacturing Technology- Lab 1000 23,00,000
7. Engineering Practices Lab 380 4,00,000
8. Fluid Mechanics Lab 217 16,00000
9. Strength of materials Lab 380 18,00,000
  • 1 HP Air Compressor
  • Hydraulic Simulation Software
  • Basic Electro Pneumatic with Plc
  • Servo Controller
  • Basic Level Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Basic Pneumatic Trainer Kit
  • Pneumatic Simulation Software
  • Digital PID Controller with Speed Control Module
  • Vibration Lab Setup
  • Motorised Gyroscope
  • Universal Governor
  • Balancing of rotating masses
  • Whirling of Shaft
  • Wheel and Axle System
  • Cam Profile
  • Computers (40 no’s)
  • Ansys Version 11.0 - 25 Licence.
  • Autodesk Inventor -125 Licence
  • Exide Automotive Batteries (15nos)
  • 4-Stroke Diesel Engine with Electric Loading.
  • 4-Stroke Twin cylinder Diesel Engine.
  • Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine.
  • Apparatus for Flash & Fire Point.
  • IC Engine 2 & 4 Stroke Models.
  • Natural Convection Apparatus.
  • Forced Convection Apparatus.
  • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus with Insulating Material.
  • Composite Wall Apparatus.
  • Emissivity Apparatus.
  • Pin-Fin Apparatus.
  • Parallel Flow/Counterflow Heat Exchanger.
  • Two Stage Air Compressor Test Rig.
  • Experimental Cooling Tower.
  • Stefan-Boltzmann Apparatus.
  • Air Conditioning Test Rig.
  • Profile Projector
  • Tool Makers Microscope
  • Auto Collimator
  • Micrometre (25-50mm)
  • Height (Vernier) Gauge
  • Sine Bar
  • Surface Plate(Granite)
  • Slip Gauge Box
  • Gear Tooth Vernier
  • Capstan lathe
  • Heavy duty lathe
  • Shaping machine.
  • Milling machine.
  • Grinding machine.
  • Drilling machine.
  • Slotting machine.
  • Planning machine.
  • Welding machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Foundry moulding box
  • Tools and sand
  • Drilling machine
  • Orifice meter
  • Venture meter
  • Roto meter
  • Reciprocating pump
  • Submersible pump
  • Gear pump
  • Pelton wheel turbine
  • Francis turbine
  • Kaplan turbine
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Brinell and Rockwell Hardness Testing Machine.
  • Set turning,
  • tape turning
  • Knurling
  • Grooving
  • External thread cutting.
  • Drilling.
  • Adequate laboratory facilities to meet and exceed the syllabus requirements and to support research activities.
  • The labs are kept open on Saturdays for project and research activities when needed.
  • Laboratory facilities are utilized by faculty for R&D work as well.
S.L. NO Facility Name Details Reason For creating the facility
1. Aluminium Stir Casting Setup. Capacity: 7kg of aluminium.Cast size: 50mmODX250mm long standard with pathway. furnace max temp 900°C To do Testing in squeeze casting
2. Corrosion Fatigue testing machine Speed:1140rpm Chuck holding Dia: 1.5mm-13mm. Electric motor: 230V AC, 50HZ,1/4HP. Overall size: 700X800X650mm To do Testing in corrosion fatigue
3. Cantilever Creep Testing Machine Setup. Dial gauge: 0.25mm to 300mm. Three jaw chuck:30mm To do creep Test for various materials
4. Corrosion Testing Machine (Salt spray) DC Injector pump, Water heater, sensor, Temperature controller To do corrosion test of various alloys by salt spray testing.
5. CNC machine Swing Over Día :500mm, Swing OverCarriage:260mm, Distance Between Centres :550 mm, Maximum Turning Dia :320mm, Maximum Turning Length :500mm, No of Tools: 8 For machining the materials with the help of CNC programmes to produce even small and precise components.


M.Tech., Ph.D. |
Principal & Professor

Dr. J. Nithyanandam

B.E., M.E., Ph.D. |

Mr.T. Sankarlal

B.E., M.E. , (Ph.D.)|
Associate Professor

Mr. A.Sivarangar

B.Tech,M.Tech |
Asst Professor

Mr. J. Joshua Kingsly

B.E., M.E. |
Assistant Professor

Mr. B.Anand

B.E., M.E. |
Assistant Professor

Mr. R. Dilli Babu

B.E., M.E. |
Assistant Professor

Mr. R. Prasanna

B.E., M.E. |
Assistant Professor

Mr. G. Velukumar

B.E., M.E. |
Assistant Professor


S.S.L.C | Lab Technician

Mr. G. Padmanaban

D.M.E | Lab Instructor

Mrs. P. Arumaichelvi

HSC | Attender