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The college has a 400 metre track which can be used for commencing all the track and field events.

The college has a fully furnished multi – gym.

The gym comprises of Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Deadlift.

  • Indoor games like Table tennis, Chess, Carom board, etc., are developed.
  • Outdoor Games like Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Football, Hockey,Tennis etc., are engaged in recreation.

This is an intercollegiate sports tournament where many colleges take part from in and around Chennai.In 2005, around 48 colleges had taken part.

S.L. NO Outdoor-Court In Numbers
1. 400m Athletic track of international standards 1No
2. Basketball court 2 Nos
3. Volleyball 3 Nos
4. Ball Badminton 6 Nos
5. Tennis 4 Nos
6. Handball 3 Nos
7. Kabaddi 4 Nos
8. Football 3 Nos
9. Hockey 3 Nos
10. Cricket 3 Nos
11. Shuttle Badminton 3 Nos
12. Throw ball 2 Nos
13. Tennikoit 2 Nos
S.L. NO Indoor-Court In Numbers
1. Table Tennis 5 Nos
2. Carrom 15 Nos
3. Multi Gym Several station
4. Chess 20 Nos
5. Weight Lifting 2 Nos
6. Power Lifting 2 Nos
7. Dead Lifting 1 No
8. Judo 1 No
9. Boxing 1 No
10. Gymnastics 1 No

The department is full fledged with vast playgrounds catering to international standards for track and field events. Adequate number of Basketball, Volleyball and Ball Badminton courts are available. The department maintains Cricket, Tennis, Handball, Kabaddi, Football and Hockey courts and a 400m athletic track of international standards are available exclusively for men and women. Experienced grounds men maintain these courts to standards. In addition to outdoor courts, indoor courts for Carom, Table Tennis and Shuttle Badminton both for men and women, are well equipped with floodlight arrangements. Staff vs. student matches are organized to develop a cordial relationship between them.

  • Indoor Hall
  • Indoor hall cum Store room
  • Indoor Gym